Trenbolone Acetate

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High Purity Steroids Powder Trenbolone Acetate for fat loss

Product Name: Trenbolone Acetate
Chemical name: 4,9,11-estratrien-17β-ol-3-one acetate
CAS: 10161-34-9
Purity: 99%
MF: C20H24O3
MW: 312.41
CAS: 10161-34-9
Assay: 99%
Grade: Medical Grade
Appearance: Yellow Crystalline Powder
Usage:androgen、anabolic steroids

Description of Trenbolone Acetate
Trenbolone is considered as one the strongest products in its sphere of action, which can bring multiple benefits. Its story starts in the end of 1960’s and had different names. Over the years, its formula was changed many times and each time, the changes brought great dividends. Some athletes call it aruler or a king in the world of similar preparations. Tren steroid is a modified version of a hormone known as Nandrolone. This improved version can ehancethe binding affinity for many a time and inhibit from aromatizing. It hugely maintains the synthesis of protein, promote a better anabolism and provide a tremendous possibility to recover within record times. Amongst other traits of this product are the increase of red blood cells and the nutrient effectuality.

Benefits  of Trenbolone Acetate
This anabolic steroid can be used as an effective cortisol antagonist. Therefore, it decreases the level of corticosteroid in the body and this is one of the reasons why Trenbolone produces large gains in muscle mass with a relatively smaller dose of the steroid compared to other anabolic steroid. So the type of trenbolone acetate results that you can expect to see largely revolve around muscle gain as well as fat loss. This feature is also one of the things that contributes to the ability of the steroid to reduce the amount of water retention building up within the body.


Product Name Trenbolone Acetate Quantity 1KG
Batch №. 160610 Report №.  MC1606-10
Date Of Manufacture 2016.06.10 Date Of Analysis 2016.06.11
Description Yellow Crystalline Powder
Ref. Standard USP28 Standard
Results Of Analysis Tests
Tests Analysis Standard Results
Identification Conform Conform
Absorbance ≤0.30% Conform
Specific Rotation +39°~ +43° +39.5°
Chromatography Purity Conform Conform
17α-Isomer ≤0.50% 0.40%
Organic Volatile Impurities Conform Conform
Loss On Drying ≤0.50% 0.32%
Residue On Ignition ≤0.10% 0.01%
Assay 97~101% 99.25%
Conclusion Be Conform With USP28 Standard