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Mestanolone Steroid Powder For Muscle Growth 521-11-9

Product Name:Mestanolone
Synonyms:Methyldihydrotestosterone;Mestaline;Methylandrostanolone;3-Keto-17b-Hydroxy-17a-Methyl-5a-Androstane;17alpha-Methyldihydrotestosterone 5alpha-Androstane-17alpha-Methyl-17beta-Ol-3-One;5-Alpha-Androstan-17-Alpha-Methyl-17-Beta-Ol-3-One;
MF: C19H30O2
EINECS: 208-302-6
Chemical Properties:White Solid
Usage:Anabolic steroid. Controlled substance.
Packing:As required

Mestanolone, also known as Ermalone, methyl-DHT, and methyldihydrotestosterone, has a molecular weight of 304.47 and a chemical formula of C20H3202. It has a half-life of approximately eight hours. It is highly androgenic and orally bio-available. Mestanolone has a melting point of between 189 and 196 degrees centigrade.

It can be described as a modified form of dihydrotestosterone (also known as DHT). It is essentially an anabolic steroid and was designed for the treatment of testosterone deficiency in the male gender. It is a steroid that is common and widely used by athletes all over the globe. This DHT steroid is ingested instead of topical application.

About Mestanolone Benefits

There are several health benefits that are associated with the use of Mestanolone. The main ones include the following:

  • It provides a psychological boost that one needs to maintain a physical routine of high stress. This means that it functions as a bridge that strengthens the body and mind for the best performance results.
  • It can be easily added to liquid drinks or even sprinkled on food to be eaten. This means that consumers do not have to worry about taking painful injections or using gels that need adequate absorption to work, thus being easy and discreet.
  • It enhances mass building cycles and cutting cycles.
  • This product is easy to take and quite flexible to use.
  • It suppresses the effect of estrogen in the body of the user.
  • It has the unique ability to cause a mental block to levels of discomfort.
  • It provides aggressive energy that is needed for every workout.
  • Mestanolone leads to no loss in muscle with strict diet.
  • It facilitates high levels of endurance. This is beneficial to workout sessions as consumers can stay longer in the gym.
  • It is effective in promoting increased stamina in users.

How Does It Work?

Mestanolone has a 25% anabolic effect and a 60% androgenic effect. This is important as it has a psychological effect on the user. This creates an immediate energetic and aggressive mental state. This is ideal for consumers who require additional motivation prior to strenuous workouts.

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